“With the advent of Ontario’s Green Energy Act in 2009, Centennial moved its manufacturing plant from Quebec to Ontario and increased its attention on the Ontario market place.”

The advent of Ontario’s Green Energy Act in 2009

Mission Statement

Centennial Global Solar Co. is a leading manufacturer of solar photovoltaic panels in Canada, with a focus on delivering the highest quality services. As an eco-friendly company, Centennial Global's mission is to provide high-tech and low-cost photovoltaic solutions fulfilling energy requirements. Our team pushes the limits so our clients can benefit. Always looking forward, we are committed to fostering and developing successful business relationships. With a commitment to excellence and paying sharp attention to the quality of our work and services, perfectionism is our only acceptable standard. We form partnerships with the best companies – those who are equally passionate about supporting businesses in our rapidly expanding technological world. We aim to be friendly, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of our expertise. Each experience is analyzed and adjustments are continually made to maintain the highest standards. Implementing the best means our clients benefit by achieving their goals and increasing profitability.