“With the advent of Ontario’s Green Energy Act in 2009, Centennial moved its manufacturing plant from Quebec to Ontario and increased its attention on the Ontario market place.”

The advent of Ontario’s Green Energy Act in 2009

Our Value Proposition

Unconditional support is provided, both during the design and installation (fundamental to reducing an investment and increasing performance) and during legal process, thanks to our experienced and flexible dialogue with local agents. The transfer of knowledge with our collaborators is a constant and two-way process, thus ensuring that we have a reciprocal understanding of the different requirements and that we continuously grow together. A close relationship with customers is one of our basic values. Our customer service department reacts immediately to any incident and coordinates work with installers to ensure that energy production continuous to remain constant. The main players of this sector have placed their trust in us and continue to support us. Centennial Global has consolidated its position as a leader in the sector result of having used its products and services on all types of installation, many of which are emblematic. High performance photovoltaic modules are not the only place where our quality is reflected. Centennial Global collaborates from suppliers to installers, are professional whose technical experience makes them expert advisors.