“With the advent of Ontario’s Green Energy Act in 2009, Centennial moved its manufacturing plant from Quebec to Ontario and increased its attention on the Ontario market place.”

The advent of Ontario’s Green Energy Act in 2009


Centennial Global manufacturers wide range of solar panels ranging from 5watt to 310watt output. The Centennial Global modules are suited for integrating in roof tops, façades, windows, curtain walls, sky lights of buildings or and on the ground to merge aesthetically with exterior landscape of the building.

Centennial Global offer custom made solar panels for all types of applications. We have manufacture flexible modules for sloped or curved of roofs, semi-transparent solar modules for façade, trapezoidal shaped solar panels for creating designs and round solar modules for sculptures. In addition, Centennial Global undertakes production of custom modules for non standard glass sizes to fit in existing windows and façade.

Centennial Global manufactures solar panels of three different technologies which offer different appearance, color and texture to choose from.

Catering to Wide Applications:

Photovoltaic panels are mainly used in installations that are connected to the utility grid, and off grid installation to guarantee the local supply of electricity. The installations that are connected to the power grid can be located on the ground and on the roof of industrial buildings or homes.

Centennial Global allocates a significant part of its resources to the development of special modules for architecturally integrated installation. These modules are used as a construction material that can be placed on facades, commercial curtain walls, skylights, etc.

In the last few years, the design and architecture have demanded photovoltaic modules that can be integrated in the buildings as part of the construction material.

The building integration consists in combining two functions: the standard role of the photovoltaic modules as electricity generators with added value as an integrated building material.

The building integrated modules are usually manufactured on demand according to the technician’s needs and the aesthetics of each project referring to dimensions, finishing and degrees of transparency. Centennial Global designs and manufactures tedlar-glass modules as well as glass-teflon modules that can be used within various types of facades.


Centennial Global is producing solar modules since year 2003. During this period Centennial Global has supplied solar modules to Europe, Asia, Australian, Africa, North and South America. Most of our solar modules have been integrated in the buildings either on roof top or façade.

Our solar modules are certified to IEC international standard and UL standard which is a mark of durability, reliability and electrical safety for outdoor application between -40degC to 90degC, high humidity, hail storm of 38mm diameter at 100kM/hour and wind load of 200kM/hour. The accelerated life test is conducted to ascertain life of solar modules in excess of 25 years. This is possible only by using high quality material and production technology.

The Solar Modules manufactured by Centennial Global carry 25 year warranty for its power output.

Centennial Global Inc., under certain conditions, provides a prior guaranty for the performance of each installation. In addition, our associate’s installers further strengthen this guaranty with long-term maintenance contracts.