CS100T Made in Canada

Robust encapsulation:

The proven CS encapsulation by Ethyl Vinyl Acrtate(EVA) ensures high resistance against UV, temperature and weather, even in the most extreme conditions, the thermal hardened glass rerliably protects the module from impacts and increased static stress .

Simple Mounting:

CS100T modules have junction box for variable circuiting. An optimal connection kit is offered as accessory (sold as optional kit) for easy interconnection of the module without use of special tools. The holes in aluminum frame allow easy and universal mounting.

Anodized Aluminum Frames:

Our corrosion resistant frames are constructcd to withstand wind speeds in excess of 200km/h(125mph) in typical ground mounted applications.

More energy :

Independent surveys have shown that under realistic conditions such as low sunlight intensity or high temperature CS 100T modules produces approximately 20% more energy per rated Wp than crystalline modules.

Excellent value for money:

The optimal use of raw materials and high standard of quality manufacturing processes ensures high performance and environmental reliability.

Amorphous Soler Module:

Performance & Reliability

Centennial Global products are designed and consuocced to provide high performance and reliability. We constantly improve our products to ensure product reliability.


  • High Efficiency and reliability for diverse grid and off –grid applications .
  • Superior energy generating kWh/kWp performance.


  • Building Intergration.
  • Solar Power Parks and Plants.
  • Solar Pumping Systems.
  • All Power Requirement.

Laminate Options

Centennial Global also supplies laminates,enabling easy integration of products into third party solar electric systems or directly into building structures.

Constructive characteristics:

1) Frame Of anodized aluminum, pre-drilled for quick easy assembly.

2)Glass Tempered, high transmission, low iron anti-reflective and thickness of 3.2 mm.

3)EVA (Ethylene and vinyl acetate) Enclosing Material.

4)Tedlar Electrical insulation, protecting of the rear part of the module.



The materials making the
photovoltaic modules and any
possible defects due to the
manufacturing process for 2 years.

A power provided by the
photovoltaic module of at least 90%
of the minimum output power for 10 years .

A power provided by the
photovoltaic module of at least 80%
of the minimum output power for 20
years. Measured under Standard
test conditions.(STC=1000W/m2,25'C, AM1.5).

The electric characteristics of each
photovoltaic module are individually
monitored and the results are left at
the disposal of the customer .

Module Diagram CS100T