CG100 to CG120-36

36 Cell Modules:

CG 100-36, CG 120-36,

EVA Encapsulation:

Decades of experience show clear encapsulated insulation enhances solar cell performance and provides proven weathering protection.

Anti Reflective Coating:

Increases the efficiency of our modules by reducing the quantity of light that is reflected away from the module

Reliable Outsite Bussing :

Our proven modules design puts but bars outside the frame and cell areas. This improves the modules' reliability.

Tempered Low Iron Glass:

For our crystalline product, tempered low iron glass provides both better impact resistance and better light transmission, allowing the generation of more electricity.

Laminate Options:

Centennial Global Solar Co. also supplies laminates, enabling easy integration of products into third party solar electric systems or directly into building structures.

Performance & Reliability:

Centennial Global Solar Co. products are designed and constructed to provide performance and reliability . We constantly improve our products to ensure product reliability remains at the highest standard.

Applications & Features:

  • High Efficiency and reliability for diverse grid and off –grid applications .
  • Superior energy generating kWh/kWp performance.
  • Building Integration.
  • Solar Power Parks and Plants.
  • Solar Pumping Systems.
  • All Power Requirement.
  • Frame

Of anodized aluminum, pre-drilled for quick easy assembly.

  • Glass

Tempered, high transmission, low iron anti-reflective and thickness of 3.2 mm.

  • EVA

(Ethylene and vinyl acetate) Enclosing Material.

  • Cells

Monocrystalline cells with serial connection, textured to make the best use of solar irradiance .

  • Tedlar

Electrical insulation, protecting of the rear part of the module.

Temperature Coefficients

Mechanical Data

NOCT (DegC) 45 +/- 2 Solar Cell 36 Polycrystalline cut from 156 mm x 156 mm cells
Voltage Temperature Coefficient (Voc) - 0.36 % Front Glass 3.2mm Tempered
Current Temperature Coefficient (Isc) + 0.033 % Junction Box Certified Junction Box
Power Temperature Coefficient (Pmpp) - 0.48 %    
Minimum Power Tolerance -0 / +3 % Frame Anodized Aluminum Frame

9 kg / 10 kg


1002 mm x 665 mm x 35 mm/

1186 mm x 677 mm x 35 mm


Electrical Data

Module Type CG 100-36 CG 120- 36          
Nominal Peak Power (Wp) 100 W 120 W          
Nominal Voltage (Vmp) 17.6 V 17.6 V          
Nominal Current (Imp) 5.68 A 6.82 A          
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 22.0 V 22.0 V          
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 5.97 A 7.16 A          
Module Efficiency (%) 15.1 15.1          
Operating Temperatire degC

-40 to + 90

Maximum System Voltage

600 V DC (ETL) 1000 V DC (IEC)

STC: 1000 W/m2, 25 °C, AM = 1.5


Warranty & Certifications

Warranty 10 Year parts & Workmanship. 12 Year 90% 25 Year 80% Power Warranty

UL 1703,IEC 61215,IEC 61730,CE


CG100-36 Cell Modules